:computer: Site Updates!

Spent a few hours working on the website today! The things I added/changed:

  1. Fixed the About Me code so that it’s not a mess, which also got rid of the mystery buggy code showing up. Yay!
  2. The RSS feed is working now. I’ve subscribed to myself on Feedly!
  3. I added a Disqus commenting.
  4. I didn’t end up setting up Google analytics bc a) it’s not like I actually have readers, lol, and b) while working on the website, I went down a rabbit hole in the Delete Facebook and Delete Google world and also signed up for a ton of “secure”/”private” emails.
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:computer: More site thoughts

Things I want to work on next weekend during my website improvement weekend:

  1. Making the main page layout image based.
  2. Figure out the RSS feed stuff, maybe?
  3. Google analytics set up.
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