In 2022, I completed 10 sewing projects and 1 knitting project. I started 2 sewing projects and 2 knitting projects that I haven’t completed. I still have 3 knitting projects and 2 sewing projects that I’ve sorta given up on.

I thought I didn’t make much this year but turns out I actually completed a number of things! I only completed one knitting project. I guess after finishing up the Tri-Cable Stitch Sweater, I felt like I had peaked and lost interest in knitting for a little.

I had every intention of posting about all of my completed projects and made a goal to post twice a month but then I got lazy. I still have the goal of recording all of my completed items so I guess 2023 will be that year!

Sewing Projects

  1. Jan: Vintage Vogue 3020 shirt
  2. April: Olya Shirt 1
  3. April: Animal Print Set
  4. April: Linen Olya
  5. June: Hallon Dress
  6. June: Blomma Tank
  7. June: Another Axis Tank
  8. Nov: Pinstripe McCall’s 7726
  9. Dec: Black Rowan Turtleneck

Knitting Projects

  1. Tri-Cable Stitch Sweater

Works In Progress

  1. Seamwork Dezi Skirt
  2. Disposable Cup Fabric Cardigan
  3. My Favourite Knitwear Vest
  4. Beauty School Top

Stalled Projects

  1. Best Beret 2
  2. Earth & Air Sweater
  3. Secondo Piano Basic InstincTee Sweater + Vogue 8909 sweatpants set
  4. Davallia Cover-up
  5. All Well Circle Bag

Outside of my crafting, I travelled a ton this year for both work and personal travel. In chronological order, I visited Salt Lake City, Buffalo, Salt Lake City again, Baltimore Pittsburgh, San Diego, Irvine, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Cork, Indiana, New York & New Jersey, Cork again, London, Houston, San Diego again, and home in Taiwan.