And another year has past! 2021 seemed to just fly by after the extremely dull and never ending year of 2020. Unlike last year, I didn’t really have any crafting goals. The first half of the year was a blur of job searching, my hip surgery, and then packing up my apartment of 3 years. The second half of the year was starting my new job, moving across the country, and a whole lot of traveling. I definitely made muuuuch less things than I did last year.

Sewing Makes!

  1. Reeta Dress
  2. Mairin Swimsuit
  3. McCall’s 7575 Button Up Shirt
  4. Pietra Pants
  5. Fibre Mood Charlotte Dress
  6. 4 Black Beauty Bras
  7. Vogue 8964 Vacation Outfit (aka PJs) for Eric (technically still needs buttons and buttonholes)

Knitting Makes!

  1. Mom & Me Throwback Sweater
  2. Two-Tone Hermione’s Everyday Socks
  3. Convertible Mitts
  4. Colorwork Mitts
  5. Self-Striping Socks with Knit Picks Felici
  6. Ruffle socks
  7. Self-patterning socks

Works in Progress

  1. Best Beret 2, which I still haven’t worked on since last year’s wrap up.
  2. Earth & Air Sweater
  3. Tri-Cable Stitch Sweater
  4. Secondo Piano Basic InstincTee Sweater + Vogue 8909 sweatpants set
  5. Davallia Cover-up – I unravelled the neckband AGAIN. Honestly this cover up is just NOT working for me and I may just have to turn it into something else…
  6. Blomma Tank that I just cut out this week
  7. Another Axis Tank that I also just cut out this week

Best Makes of 2021

The best thing I made this year was the mom-and-me Throwback Sweaters. Nothing else I made really stands out a whole lot. I guess Eric’s vacation outfit is pretty great but that will be a later post.

And that’s the 2021 wrap up! I’m heading off to Stonemountain & Daughter fabrics today to go pick up some buttons for Eric’s vacation outfit and my Tri-Cable stitch sweater. Happy New Year!