I spent basically all day working on website code. This has been primarily been brought on by two things happening (or not happening) in my life:

  1. Tomorrow is my two week anniversary of my hip surgery! I only brought two knitting projects with me because I was really trying to finish some of those projects I have kinda put on the side. Anyway, I ran out of yarn for one of them and finished the other one, so now I don’t really have anything to work on.
  2. I’m trying to ease my way back into doing my postdoc research work post surgery, which has been incredibly difficult. Somehow, working on the code for my little craft website makes me feel like I’m being vaguely productive (so much code) while 100% avoiding what I actually need to be working on. Procrasti-productivity, am I right?

Anyway, I did a lot of changes to various parts of the css files and added some minor things. Most of the changes took forever, even though they look minor. Turns out detangling someone else’s code is just as difficult in web development as with research code. Here are the changes:

  1. Navigation buttons on the home page side bar (circle with icons)
  2. Added a project page. It’s still empty, but I’m hoping to eventually populate it with all of my finished projects.
  3. I redid how the code handled the blog post snippets, which took FOREVER. But basically, I had to reorganize some of the nesting to be able to be able to add the comment links and also add a “read more” link. It was a whole thing. But worth it.
  4. I added google analytics. I don’t know that anyone actually reads anything I post but in case anyone does, I would love to know.

Could I just be like a normal person and make a wordpress blog? Yes, I could, but what’s the fun in that? Why make a normal blog when you can torture yourself for many many hours trying? If I wanted cute new clothes, I could just go to the store but yet here I am. :woman_shrugging: