I definitely crafted a lot more than I had intended this year. At the end of 2019, the world was very different and my plans were very different. Here we are at the end of this dumpster fire of a year. I really threw myself into the crafting when lockdown happened. It was one of the few things that took my mind off of the craziness and I just really leaned into it.

Here were my 2020 goals:

  1. I will not buy any indie sewing patterns. Not even during Thanksgiving!
  2. I will not buy any big4 patterns or fabric until I’ve completed at least 5 sewing projects.
  3. I will not buy any knitting patterns except the Lydia Lace Tank if it goes on sale.
  4. I will not buy any souvenir yarn.

Basically, COVID happened and through all of my plans out the window.

The only thing I succeeded in was not buying any souvenir yarn. My last pre-COVID trip was to Portland to visit YJ and in hindsight, I regret not having got myself a little momento of the last pre-COVID trip.

As for the first 3 items:

  1. I got the following items: Sophie Hines Axis Tank, Cloth Habit Watson Bra, Helen’s Closet Avery Leggings, Closet Core Pietra Pants and the Closet Core Cielo Top.
  2. I got Vogue 9253, McCall’s 8003, McCall’s 7575 and Simplicity 8560. I definitely made a number of fabric purchases.
  3. I didn’t end up getting the Lydia Lace Tank because I came across My Little Secret Crop. I did buy the following patterns: Best Beret, Aquamarline, and the Throwback.

Sewing Makes Round Up!

  1. Dawn Jeans
  2. Bondi Dress
  3. Tate Top
  4. Ginger Jeans
  5. Hilary Top
  6. Tessuti Apron
  7. Rowan Ringer Crop
  8. Rowan Tunic
  9. Seabright Swimmer
  10. Eva Bralette + Undies
  11. Watson Bra
  12. Axis Tanks (x6)
  13. Blackwood Cardigan
  14. Vogue 9253 Deep V Dress
  15. Cielo Top
  16. Avery Leggings
  17. McCall’s 8003 Cutout Crop Top
  18. Burp cloths for Daeho and face masks
  19. Jalie Eliane for Monica

Top 3: Dawn Jeans, Ginger Jeans, Axis Tank
Bottom 3: Rowan Ringer Crop, Hilary Top, Eva + Undies

Knitting Makes

  1. My Little Secret Crop
  2. Twist Headband 2
  3. Twist Headband 3
  4. Marpleridge Socks
  5. No Frills Sweater
  6. Self patterning socks
  7. Davallia Cover Up
  8. Best Beret
  9. Aquamarline

Top: No Frill Sweater!
Bottom: Davallia Coverup and Marpleridge socks (now that I’ve worn them for a few times, I’m pretty sure the two socks are different lengths.)

Works in Progress

  1. Reeta Dress
  2. Mom-and-me Throwback Sweaters
  3. Self striping socks
  4. Another Best Beret
  5. Hermione 2