Picture coming soon…?

Pattern: 🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑 (3/5)
Completed Garment: 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 (0/5)
Size: 6
Overall: :confounded: So. Bad.


Pattern + Construction

Many months (or maybe even a year or two) ago, I saw the Hey June Durango Tank floating around on those free pattern lists. I thought, “Hey! I haven’t tried a Hey June pattern! This one is free! I should try it out!” I had printed the pattern ages ago but got side tracked by a ton of other projects. Plus, I didn’t have fabric on hand and it was just a boring tank top and I really only ever wear knit tanks to yoga so I didn’t even think about taping the pattern together.

I finally taped and cut it in the post thesis proposal hours, when I had just finished an hour long of intense and stressful questioning from my committee, and the immediately set it aside, again for a few months. I finally cut out the fabric (see more below) and sewed the tank at the end of September.

Anyway, BIG FAIL! Honestly, I should’ve known that I wasn’t super into this pattern and item and just moved on from it. I did a terrible job sewing on the neck binding, which seems to be bubbling no matter how much I try to steam the neck area. I will get it a loooot of steam, it’ll flatten out, then once it cools down, it gets wavy again. Ugh! Anyway, then to make it even worse, I proceeded to do an even worse job with the armhole. I followed the size guide and cut a size 6, which was way too big. Then I proceeded to make the already big tank worse by stretching out the armhole binding, resulting in this flopping mess. To be fair (to myself), I feel like the instructions for the armhole where they tell you to “just barely stretch” the binding and to not stretch the armhole was not super useful or instructive. What does “just barely stretch” even mean?

For now, I’m just leaving it in my “things to fix” bin, and we’ll see how I feel when summer rolls around next year.


  1. Neckline: There’s some waviness in the front of the neckline. I’ve had this problem with other knit projects, but mostly in the hem. I tried to steam the waviness out but that didn’t work. I have no idea how to fix this.

  2. Armhole binding: The arm hole is cearly the wrong size here… or something. At this point, I’m not sure if I just have just picked the wrong size or if I did somethign weird that stretched out the armhole. The armhole is clearly weird looking and droopy. I followed the instructions, which said to not stretch the armhole binding, so I’m not sure what went wrong here.


This is a mystery knit from the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse. It looks like some sort of rib knit. I really don’t have any other comments about it.


Start date: September 7, 2019
Finish date: October 6, 2019
Pattern: Durango Tank by Hey June Handmade Fabric: Mystery knit from PCCR First time… doing armhole binding and it looks TERRIBLE

Notes for next time

I will probably not attempt this pattern again. I have a million other things I’d rather make and a plain knit tank is really not on the top of my list. I prefer to wear t-shirts if I’m wearing a knit item, otherwise I tend to go for woven tanks. Anyway, this project was not one of my better craft moments but that’s ok! Moving along now…