Pattern: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑 (4/5)
Completed Garment: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 (5/5)
Size: US size 4
View: Peter pan collar + trousers
Overall: :sweat_smile: Happy with the final product and thrilled I finished it on time!

這個版型還有很多其它的 view
我做的是無袖 peter pan 領子跟褲子
後來覺得短的比較可愛,比較像我的 style

I had been thinking about making an Anni jumpsuit to attend a wedding, but decided last minute to take a week long trip the week before the wedding. It’s a miracle I was able to finish the jumpsuit in time! I even made a muslin! I knew I had nothing else to wear to the wedding. Giving up and taking a break (which I often do when I’m stuck in a project) was not an option. I printed, taped and cut the pattern and muslin out on Friday. The next morning, I sewed up the muslin and went fabric shopping on Saturday. Did a tiny bit of fit adjustments (more below) as well. On Sunday, I cut out all the pieces and sewed the top part of the jumpsuit. I finished the bottom part of the jumpsuit and sewed them together on Monday and added a zipper. Finally, on Tuesday I did all the hemming and added a hook and eye! I can’t believe I was able to finish it in time for the wedding!


I bought this polyester crepe at Joann’s. I knew I wanted something that was navy so I basically pulled out all the navy woven fabrics at Joann’s and then picked the one that looked the nicest. The fabric was pretty easy to work with. It was a little difficult to press the seams but I managed…


For the actual garment, instead of cutting the adjusted pattern based on the muslin, I just cut the original pattern. I was worried the actual fabric might feel different. I ended up making the same exact adjustments. I just basted everything to test the fit before sewing everything down for realsies.

I serged the raw edges of the facing, but it shows on the right side of the garment. Next time, I will try this method that I happened upon after finishing the garment. Hopefully it will eliminate the imprint on the from the of the garment.

Pattern + Muslin + Adjustments:

I cut US size 4 for the muslin based on my bottom measurement. I had considered grading between two sizes based on my measurement but decided against it after looking at the finished garment measurements. The waist and bust fit perfectly but the back felt a bit loose. I took in the back princess seams by 3/8”. The fit of the pants looked really weird to me so I also took the hips in by approximately 1 inch. I cropped the pants to hit around the mid-calf. The shorter length felt more fun and more me.

My only minor complaint is that I don’t love the facings. Next time, I might try to just take the regular pattern pieces to make a lining. Or not… the last time I made a lined garment was 3 years ago and I remember hating the process of making the lining.

I also added pockets to the trousers. I just took the pockets from the Rae Pants that I made a while ago and copied them. I sewed one of the pockets in wrong so the serged edge is visible inside the pocket. Oh well, it’s not actually visible from the outside… only if I look inside the pocket.


Start date: August 9, 2019
Finish date: August 13, 2019
Pattern: Anni Building Block Pattern from Named Patterns
Fabric: Polyester Crepe from Joann’s

Notes for next time:

  1. I’m going to make more muslins for complicated/fitted garments! I found it to be super helpful and I was able to test out confusing parts of the construction without worrying about ruining the garment. It also made making the actual garment way faster because I already knew what I was doing!
  2. I definitely want to make more of these! Next up is a regular sheath dress - short sleeve, round collar + skirt. I also want to make the shorts view! Next time, I will try the facing-finishing method from Made by Rae